Thomas Scobell Comben Norster 

*15 May 1862 - †?


a) 1871-Census: 6 Leesland Road, Alverstoke, Hantsnn1881-Census: Coppersmith, 8 Prince Alfred Street, Alverstoke, Hants.nn1911-Census: County Hall, Romanby, Northallerton, North Riding, YorkshirennBIOGRAPHY: Copy of Navy Record held.nnOCCUPATION: 1871 (C) Scholarn1881 (C) Coppersmithn1911 (C) Hall Keepernn Portsmouth Evening News - Monday 09 September 1912 nFUNERAL. The funeral of the late Mr. Walter Lloyd, aged 71 of 58, Alver-road, took plate at Ann’s Hill Cemetery, on Saturday. The deceased gentleman was a Crimean and Indian Mutiny veteran. He served under the late Sir William Peel and was present the capture of Lucknow, in 1858. He entered the Navy in 1854 and served H.M.S St. Vincent, 'Triton, Shannon, Victory, Algiers, Excellent, Hector. Ariadne, and Inconstant. The mourners were Mrs. Lloyd (widow!. Mrs Thomas Norster (daughter), Mr. Thomas Norster (son-in-law), Mr. and Mrs. John Norster, Mr. Frank Norster, jun.. Miss E. S. Norster, and Mr. Frederick Norster (grandchildren of the late Mrs. Freemantle, of Gosport). A number of veterans also attended as a last mark of respect to a departed comrade. The Rev. E. G. Cull, Chaplain to tho R.M.L.I.. was the officiating clergyman. The remains, enclosed polished oak coffin, with massive brass fittings, were interred in grave lined with ivy, myrtle, and white flowers. The floral tributes were an anchor from his wife, daughter, and son-in-law, and wreaths from Mr, and Mrs. John Norster, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Norster and family, Mrs. Wil- son and Lily, Mr. and Mrs. H. Sweetingham and family. Mrs. Charles Gallienne and children, Mrs. Black, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar, Miss Eva Phillips, and Masters John Gard and Ralph Edgar. Tho funeral arrangements were carried out Mr. Crossland, North-street.nn Tees-side Weekly Herald - Saturday 14 February 1914 n SILVER WEDDING PRESENTATION On Tuesday there was a large end influential gathering at the Freemasons Hall, Northallerton, to witness the presentation of a handsome solid silver afternoon tea service, Queen Anne style, with a case of silver spoons, which was made by the Hon. Mrs John Hutton to Mr and Mrs. J. Norster, on the occasion of their silver wedding. Mr Norster is on the staff of the County Council. The Hon. Mrs Hutton. in very oompli. mentary terms, spoke of the many valuable services which the recipients had rendered to the town, particularly Mrs, Norster, as the founder of the Neapolitan Ladies' Band, which had done such an excellent work in cnnnection with young ladies of the town for several years past. Mr J. Norster feelingly acknowledged the gifts, and said it was a proud day in their lives that they should so unexpectedly be honoured in such a handsome manner. The other speakers included the Vicar (Rev. S. McInnon Thompson) Councillor H. Clidero. J.P., Councillor Carlill Savill, and Mr G. H. Lewis. Hearty votes of thanks were tendered to the Hon. Mrs Hutton, as also to Mrs G. H. Lewis. for her kindness in collecting the subscriptions.