Susanna Attwool 

*? - †1 Sep 1884
  • ???
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a) 1851-Census: Mallams, Portland, Dorset.nn1861-Census: Mallams, Portland, Dorset.nn1871-Census: 6 Leesland Road, Alverstoke, Hantsnn1881-Census: 8 Prince Alfred Street, Alverstoke, Hants.nnWILL: 31 October 1884 Administration of the Personal Estate of Susannah Norster (Wife of John Norster) late of Prince Alfred street Stoke road Gosport in the County of Southampton who dies 1 September 1884 at Prince Alfred street was granted at Winchester to the said John Norster of Prince Alfred street Master of Steam Vessel.nPersonal Estate under £300.nnBURIAL: Interment No. 10268nAge 64 Years - Date of death not recorded.nPlot 132, space no. 52 - same as RIN 226