John Richard Noster 

*? - †21 Sep 1900


a) 1851-Census: Mallams, Portland, Dorset.nn1861-Census: Mallams, Portland, Dorset.nn1871-Census: 6 Leesland Road, Alverstoke, Hantsnn1881-Census: Captain of Steam Tug, 8 Prince Alfred Street, Alverstoke, Hants.nn1891-Census: 8 Prince Alfred Street, Gosport, Hants.nnBURIAL: Interment No. 16799nAge 81 Years - Date of death not recorded.nPlot 132, space no. 52 - same as RIN 227nnOCCUPATION: 1848 Seamann1850 Labourern1851 (C) Rail Labourern1853 Labourern1856 Labourern1861 (C) Carpentern1871 (C) Seamann1881 (C) Captain of Steam Tugn1891 (C) Master Marinern1895 Master MarinernnBIOGRAPHY: PIONEER Reg. no 27,362 DCrew/27,362 No DatenThese documents are held at Southampton Archives ServicesnContents:nReg. Southampton 1859nBuilt at North ShieldsnSteam, paddlenReg. tons 12 net, 52 grossnCrew lists: 1868-1nOwner: J.I. Leather, Leathernthorpe Hall, LeedsnMaster: J. Norster, GosportnVoyages: used as tug between Stokes Bay, Spithead forts and Portsmouth DockyardnTransferred to Portsmouth 1872nnWILL: NORSTER John Richard of 86 Shaftesbury-road Gosport Hants died 21 September 1900 Probate London 25 October to John Richard Norster and Robert Attwell Norster carpenters and Henry Attwell Norster blacksmith Effects £697 11s.