Theodore Percy 

*13 Oct 1838 - †18 Nov 1926
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a) BIOGRAPHY: Extracted from Death notice Richmond River herald. from Scrapbooksupplied by Mrs Bella Mckinnon Mitchell. (Original unparagraphed)nnBIOGRAPHY: After several weeks illness Mr Theodore Percy of Union St, Coraki,passed to his rest on Thursday night at the advanced age of 88 years. The deceased gentleman came from fine old English stock, being a native of Walton in Somersetshire.n When at 17 years of age he left the family roof, and, in the company with his brother, the late Joseph Pursey, of "Frampton Park" Bungawalbyn, set sail on the "Phoebe Dunbar" for Australia. This was the beginning of what was to prove an adventurous and at times thrilling pioneering life.The "Phoebe Dunbar" was wrecked in Moreton Bay and those aboard clambered ashore by means of the jib boom.n Mr Percy went to work at Helidon Spa and Gatton Stations, then he took a turn at the Mookerawa diggings, but failing to strike payable gold went to William Boyd's station at Stonehenge, near Glen Innes.n In the year 1863, he moved to Sydney and was married in the old Wesleyan Chapel in York Street (Note until this time he used his birth spelling of PURSEY WGP). With his young wife he left for New Caledonia, followed coffee growing at Mont D'or, and then managed a cattle station at St Vincent.n The natives there were treacherous, but he was able to over come their hostility, and live in peace amongst them. Finally, however, they broke out in insurrection, revolted against French rule, and massacred a large number of the whites. Fortunately, Mr Percy's family were able to escape, and he sent them to Sydney.n Mr Percy himself helped quell the rebellion, but the experience he went through determined him to leave the country, especially as the whole of his savings had been lost in a nickel mine floated in London with a capital of 220,000 pounds, but which never paid a dividend.n About the year 1878 Mr Percy returned to Sydney, and in March 1880 brought his family to the Richmond by the original "Richmond" which was skippered by the late Captain Ben Alley.n Settling at Bungawalbyn he entered into sugar growing for five or six years, and then went to Coraki, and conducted a delivery business for many years.n For close on 20 years past he had lived a retired life on his property near the Hospital, retaining to the last the respect and esteem of all who knew him.n Mrs Percy died six years ago, and the surviving sons and daughters are - Frank (Postmaster at Adelong), George (Malanganee), Alfred (Lismore), Walter (Postmaste rat Bourke), Mrs G C Burgess (Molong) and Miss Netta Percy who lived with her father.n There are 24 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren.nnEmigration: 1856nTravelled to Aus on Phoebe Dunbarn1856nLanded at Moreton BaynWent to New Calodonia to grow coffee unsuccesffullynStory 2 is mix with French in New calidonia at birth of son meant change to Percy from the French de PercynOpen Notes for full Storyn1856nMigrated to AustralianThis is line that went to PercynStory 1 is that wife snobby and wanted northern spelling of Pursey to PercynnDEATH: Buried at Coraki with Wife