Hannah Richards GILBERT – 1873 to 10th December 1896

Birth recorded as Anna Richards GILBERT. She married John Richard NORSTER in 2nd Qtr of 1896 in Newlyn, Cornwall and died 10th December 1986 of Phthisis (or Consumption).


She has 5 elder siblings and 3 younger ones. All of this is quite normal.


My problems occur because I cannot find out when (if) she was baptised. I can find all her elder siblings, but not her or her younger ones. They are not in the normal Parish registers, nor are they in Non-Conformist registers.


The only thing I have left to do, is to look at Catholic registers – assuming that the family turned Catholic at some time before Hannah was born. I have no evidence of this. Her husband remarried 6 years later in Kent – but then he was not Catholic as he divorced his second wife some time after 1911.