Harold Albert Norster 

*12 May 1907 - †1 Sep 1992


a) 1911-Census: 8 Stones Houses, Blaina, Monmouthshire, WalesnnBIOGRAPHY: The Scotsman 26 September 1935, Page 16nnBIOGRAPHY: RUGBY ALL BLACKS WIN AGAIN WELSH SIDE NO TEST FOR NEW ZEALANDERS CAUGHEY OUTSTANDINGnnBIOGRAPHY: Abertillery and Cross Keys, 6; New Zealanders, 31. The combined forces of Abertillery and Cross Keys did not provide the severe test to the All Blacks at Abertillery that had been anticipated, and the tourists won by five goals and two tries, 31 points, to two penalty goals, 6 points. Judging by this, the New Zealanders' first game in Wales, it does not appear that the Principality possess a club side strong enough to overcome the powerful All Blacks' combination . The Welsh forwards gave a good account of themselves. Some of their rushes, in which Berrow, Ward, Norster, and Williams showed up prominently, being admirably carried out, but the men behind displayed uncertainty, particularly in defence. Some of the tackling, indeed, was distinctly weak. George proved the best of the home threequarters , often using his speed to advantage, and R. G. Brown, at full back, played a strong game, fielding and kicking safely. The halves, Richardson and Thornbury, worked pluckily, without, however, being able to make much headway against a rocklike defencenCAUGHEY AND OLIVER DO WELL Caughey and Oliver, of the All Blacks' back division, not only ran strongly, but handled cleverly, Caughey being the outstanding player in the game. The backing up of the New Zealanders was a feature of the play, the forwards as well as the backs revealing remarkable ability to snap up stray passes and to take full advantage of weak tackling. Hart began the game very well indeed, and it was unfortunate that he fell lame and had to go to full back in place of Gilbert in the second half. In a strange position he proved good enough for the occasion. Of the All Blacks' forwards, McKenzie, Collins, and Wynyard were always to the fore. Good kicks by Richardson and Ivor Jones enabled the combined team to threaten danger in the early play, when the All Blacks, although facing the sun, derived some advantage from the wind. The tourists, however, rapidly settled down, and following a good kick by Caughey, a pass by Oliver sent in Hart for a fine try.nWELSH TACKLING POOR The Welsh forwards retaliated with strong pushes, while half-hearted tackling by the backs almost conceded a try, and Caughey only just failed to drop a goal. Then Gilbert missed with an attempt at a penalty goal, and Tindill showed up strongly in a very fast run, which, with the home defence beaten, would have brought a try had his final pass not been forward. Again the home side attacked, the forwards making determined rushes, while Richardson, having deceived two opponents, was brought down near the line. However, McKenzie took advantage of a mistake by R. G. Brown, after Wynyard had dashed through, and Obtained a try which Gilbert converted. There followed a series of exciting incidents near the home line and, in turn, H. E. Brown and Caughey (two) secured further tries, those by Caughey being converted by Oliver, Thus the All Blacks changed ends with a lead of 19 points.nWELSH SIDE'S IMPROVEMENT An improvement in the play of the Welsh side followed the interval. Richardson put in a strong run, and George, taking a difficult pass, sprinted hard for the line, the movement ending in a strong dribble by the home forwards which Hart just checked in time. A little later the tourists were penalised, and R. G. Brown kicked a goal. The Welsh forwards did some hot pressing after this, but the All Blacks defended well, and when they forced their opponents back King took advantage of weak tackling to add a try that Oliver converted. Then R . G. Brown kicked another penalty goal for the home side, but the New Zealanders had the last word. H. E. Brown crossing for a try, to which Gilbert, with a magnificent kick from the touch-line, added the extra points. The crowd numbered about 30,000.nTeams:— ABERTILLERY AND CROSS KEYS.—H- G. Brown (Cross Keys); T. Jones (Aberlillery), Idris Griffiths (Abertillery), Ivor Jones (Cross Keys) and li. Gcorec (Abetillery ); H. Richardson (Aberiillcry) and C. Thornbury (Cross Keys): W. Ward (Cross Keys). T. Williams (Cross Keys), K. Jones (Cross Kevs), ir. IJerrow (Abertillery), G. Jlorgnn (Abertillery), H. Norster (Abertillery), E. Jones (Abertillerv). and IS. Yearsley (Cross Keys.)nALL BLACKS.—G. Gilbert; tt. F. Jlart, C..J. Oliver, and H. E. Brown; T. II. C. Causlicy and E. W. Tindill; B. S. Sadler; C. Tepper, A. Ijunbonrn. G. T. Adkins, R. M. M'Kenzie. It. 11. King, W. B. Collins, J. G. Wynyard, and 11 F. il'Lean.