William Norster 

*12 May 1879 - †16 Dec 1951


a) 1881-Census: 3 Cambridge Place, Eastbourne, East Sussexnn1891-Census: 8 Prince Alfred Street, Gosport, Hants.nn1901-Census: Alverstoke, SouthamptonnnBIOGRAPHY: On 26 October 1907 he left London for the West Indies - specifically Bermuda. According to the Royal Gazette, Bermuda of 16 Nov 1911, he arrived on the SS Cayo Domingo from England on Monday last.nOn 30 June 1913 he entered the USA through Ellis Island.nHe sailed from Ireland Island, Bermuda, West Indies, on the ship Orotavia.nHis address was given as Ireland Island, Bermuda, West Indies.nHe also gave the address of relatives/friends as Ireland Island, Bermuda, West Indies.nHis destination was given as 52, Shaftesbury Road, Gosport, England.nHis occupation was a Carpenter.nIreland Island was a big Royal Naval base.nHe was 5ft 10 1/2 inches, Dark complexion, Dark hair and brown eyes.nHe was single, and could read and write English.nOn 8th July 1913 he disembarked from the Mauritania in Fishguard.nOn 14 November 1913 he again left London for Gibralter on the P&O Ship 'Mooltan'. He travelled as a 'Leading Man'. I'm not sure when he returned.nOn 21 May 1926 he sailed on the P&O ship Kashmir from Southampton to Singapore. He travelled as a 'Government Passenger'.nOn 24th September 1926 the rest of his family, wife, son and daughter, left Southampton for Singapore. They sailed on the P&O ship Karmala. They travelled as 'Government Passengers'.nThe Singapore Free Press and Mercantile Advertiser (1884-1942), 23 June 1932, Page 13n"The following passengers are proceeding per 'Naldera' sailing at 9.30 a.m. on friday the 24th instant, for Penang, Colombo, Bombay and Europe - Master Norster, Mr. and Mrs. W. Norster and 2 children".nOn 22nd July 1932 He, Jessie, Alexander, Gladys and Joyce landed at London on the ship Naldera bound for Ryders Stores, The Green, Southgate, London.nnOCCUPATION: 1901 (C) House Joiner