Richard Norster 

*5 Aug 1797 - †17 Apr 1856


a) BIOGRAPHY: 1823 13 Calender MonthsnFisherman, 5' 9", Light Brown Hair, Grey Eyes, Brown ComplexionnCharged & Convicted of assault, discharged 12/6/1824 in debtors poolnEntered into records 12/6/1824 before C B Woolaston Esq. Rec sent by post 13/6/1824, addressed to Solicitor of Customs, Custom House, London.nThen imprisoned again for 1 calender month for (Smuggling[crossed out]) Assault.nSame man again 6 calender months [date unknown]nPRO KEWnFirst went to sea as apprentice 1812 - seaman's ticket 250,355 BT 113/126nServed 4 yrs Royal NavynINDEX TO NOMINATIONS ADM 175/97 p125nName: Richard NORSTERnWhere nominated from: CHIDEOCK (Dorset)nNomination No. 1299nStation nominated to: IRELANDnNOMINATION TO COASTGUARDS ADM 175/77 p25nNomination No. 1299nDate of Order of Nomination: 6 November 1828nDate of Letter of Nomination: 10 November 1828nName: Richard NORSTERnRank Nominated for: BoatmannPlace Nominated from: CHIDEOCK, ExtraboatmannReg. No. 99 12/28nTo whom sent for 1st examination: Inspecting Commander LYMEnStation appointed to: IRELAND (sic)nDate of 1st examination: 30 November 1828nTo whom sent for probation: Inspecting Commander LYMEnDate of Report of Qualifications: 31 December 1828nDate of Board's Order for Establishment: 7 January 1829nPort: DUBLIN/LYME (sic)nCOASTGUARD ESTABLISHMENT BOOKSnRUSH station: DUBLIN port; BALBRIGGAN district ADM 175/17 p296nN1299 26 January 1829 from LYMEnRichard NORSTER boatmann*Daughter born Ireland 1831nRemoved 24 April 1832 to LAMBAY ISLAND Good of the Coastguard Service R5546nLAMBAY ISLAND station; DUBLIN port; BALBRIGGAN district ADM 175/17 p298nR5546 24 April 1832 from RUSHnRichard NORSTER boatmannRemoved 7 April 1835 to MALAHIDE R10,062nMALAHIDE station; DUBLIN port; BALBRIGGAN district ADM 175/17 p299nR10,062 7 April 1835 from LAMBAY ISLANDnRichard NORSTER boatmannRemoved 12 September 1836 to FRESHWATER (Isle of Wight) R1962nFRESHWATER station; COWES port; COWES district ADM 175/6 p158nR1962 12 September 1836 from MALAHIDEnRichard NORSTER boatmannRemoved & promoted 15 October 1838 to ALUM BAY R4763nALUM BAY station; COWES port; S.YARMOUTH district ADM 175/6 p159nR4763 15 October 1838 from FRESHWATERnRichard NORSTER commissioned boatmannRemoved 30 September 1840 to SELSEY R1995nSELSEY station; CHICHESTER port; LITTLEHAMPTON district ADM 175/7 p128nR1995 30 September 1840 from ALUM BAYnRichard NORSTER commissioned boatmannRemoved 15 September 1846 to PAGHAM Good of the CG service R4275nSeaman's ticket No. 250,355 BT 113/126nRichard NORSTER born Portland, Dorset 5 August 1799nCapacity: boatman coastguardnHeight 5' 10" Complexion dark Hair brown Eyes greynMarks CRUCIFIX & TREE OF LIFE on right armnFirst went to sea as apprentice 1812nServed in Royal Navy: 4 yearsnBeen in foreign service: (ie American, French merchant service) NOnWhen unemployed resides SELSEYnTicket issued CHICHESTER 10 June 1845nCan write: YESnCG commissioned boatman, SELSEY station; LITTLEHAMPTON districtnPAGHAM station; CHICHESTER port; LITTLEHAMPTON district ADM 175/7 p127nR4275 15 September 1846 from SELSEYnRichard NORSTER, commissioned boatmannDischarged 23 June 1848 on allowance of #22 per annum 1 244/22 1848nPENSIONSnSUPERANNUATION STRUCK OFF 9 April 1856n(commenced 15 July 1848)nPort where paid ARUNDELnRichard NORSTER commissioned boatmannAnnual allowance #22nDate of cessation 17 April 1856 (no reason given)n9 April 1856 Struck off Pension list. Arundel, Sussexn*1856 Marriage of daughter (born Ireland per 1851 census) in LondonnnOCCUPATION: 1822 Fishermann1825 Fishermann1826 Fishermann1841 (C) Coastguardn1851 (C) Civil Service, Half Payn1865 Coast GuardmannnBURIAL: PAGHAM ST THOMASn RICHARD NORSTER died April 17 1856n also MARY NORSTER died January 18 1892n MG T5nn1841-Census: Wall End, Selsey, Sussexnn1851-Census: Aldwick, Sussex