John Norster 

*? - †after Jun 1835


a) BIOGRAPHY:Potentially tried for Larceny at Summer assizes 1817 Gloucester. Found not guilty.nnBIOGRAPHY: According to Portland Museum's Smuggling Role of Honour,nJohn Noster, seaman. Put on board H M Ship Queen Charlotte in PortsmouthnHarbour, 1822 age 32.nDorchester Jail Record;n6/5/1822nNo 50nAge: 32nParish: PortlandnTrade: SeamannCondition: SinglenChildren: -nBy whom Committed: Richd Bower Esq Mayor of Weymouth and Jas Bower BailiffnCrime: SmugglingnStatue: 5' 8 1/2"nHair: Dark BrownnEyes: GreynComplexion: BrownnMarks: an anchor with a few India Ink marks on the back of the left hand. a cut on the bottom of the thumb same hand. a wart on the 2nd joint of the middle finger right hand.nBehaviour in prison: OrderlynWhen Discharged: July 1st 1822nRemarks: Put on board His Majesty's Ship Queen Charlotte in Portsmouth Harbour. The Order to .... .... & also the .... in the body sent to the .... of .... 26 July 1822 ....nnBIOGRAPHY: Letter from C-in-C Portsmouth, 3rd July 1822, to the Admiralty.nSir,nI transmit, to be laid before the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, the daily return of His Majesty's ships and vessels at this Port. nThe smuggler named in the margin, has been received onboard the Queen Charlotte from Dorchester Gaol, to be impressed into His Majesty's Service.nNo movements have taken place amongst the shipping at this Port since yesterday.nI am Sir, your most obediant humble servant, J H Whitshead, Admiral.nJohn NorsternRef PRO Kew, ADM 1 1301, A 587nnBIOGRAPHY: Letter from C-in-C Portsmouth, 13th September 1822, to the Admiralty.nSir,nnI request you will acquaint their Lordships that I caused the six smugglers named in the margin, to be put onboard the Beaver previous to her sailing, for the disposal of the Commander in Chief on the station to which she is proceeding.nJohn NorsternGeo Sisley nWm Taught nHenry Simmons nWm Cook nJohn JacketnnI am Sir, your most obediant humble servant, J H Whitshead, Admiral.nRef PRO Kew, ADM 1 1303, A772nnBIOGRAPHY: Naval Digest for 1822 states, for letter A772, " Letter from Sir J Whitshead stating that he had caused six smugglers to be put on board the Beaver previous to her sailing for South America for the disposal of the Commander of that Station. "nnBIOGRAPHY: Joined HMS Beaver 13 Sept 1822 from Queen Charlotte.n28 October 1822 discharged to AB.n29 October 1822 AB - HMS Beavern1 May 1823 promoted to Gunnery Crew.n6 August 1823 - HMS Doris.n3 October 1824 - HMS Eclair.n21 October 1824 Boatswain's Maten30 May 1825 ABn1 October 1825 Boatswain's Maten9 June 1827 HMS Ganges.n31 October 1827 Discharged from Service - Border.n28 January 1828 HMS Victoryn21 February 1828 Gunnery Crewn18 May 1828 ABn3 September 1828 HMS Samarangn12 October 1828 Boatswain's Maten12 June 1831 Run from Leaven17 August 1831 HMS Magiciennen28 March 1835 Off Admiraltyn29 June 1835 (Pension ?)

  • after Jun 1835