Alfred Norster Percy 

*14 Apr 1871 - †20 Nov 1965


a) BIOGRAPHY: Obituary, Northern Star 8/2/1966nHistorical Link goes with death of Mr. A.N.Percy.nHe was the fourth son of Theodore and Anne Percy, late of Coraki. Theodore Percy came from Walton in Somershire, England, in the mid-fifties of the last century. Anne was a daughter of a sea-faring family of Portland, arriving In Sydney just after the "Dunbar" was wrecked at the "Gap."nThey met In Sydney and soon after, wed and went to New Caledonia, where he was engaged In coffee cultivation and the culture of several fruits, at Mont d'Or (Mount of Gold).nMr. A. N. Percy was born In New Caledonia, the fifth son of a family of eight - five sons and three daughters.nLeaving the plantation, the family moved to St. Vincent, where the father took over the management of a large cattle run.nWhile they were at St. Vincent, a violent insurrection broke out among the natives, who set out on a campaign of massacre and destruction. Many families were wiped out but, through the loyalty of the chief of the trIbe nearest to the home, who did not Join In the revolt, the Percy family was able to escape.nMr. Theo Percy was In Nuomea at the time but performed a "Paul Revere ride" on his stockhorse to protect his family, break­ing through a cordon of sentinels on the outskirts of Noumea, In order to do so.nA magnificent fact was that, immediately prior to reaching the Percy home, the natives attacked a hotel, where they Indulged In the spoils of victory. Thus; strong drink became a key factor in the family escape.'nArriving In Australia, the family finally moved to the Richmond, settling at Bungawalbyn and engaging In cane-farming. The venture failed and the next move was to Coraki, where the younger members or the family went to school under the rule of Mr. E. M. D. Spring, father of a well known violinist and music-teacher of Lismore, or later years.nMr. Alfred Percy commenced 'working at the Coraki “Herald”, under Mr. L. F. Benaud, of a well-known famlly in the printing industry. A fellow-employee at the 'pink paper' was the brilliant journalist, Mr, Herb. McCallum.nFollowing a period of 20 years in the "Herald," Mr. Percy moved lo Casino, where he wall employed at the Casino “Express”. After 2½ years, he secured a position in the jobbing department of “The Northern Star," Lismore. He remained with the "Star" for nearly 30 years, until his retirement. He was in charge of that department for many years.nMr. Percy married Eva May Everingham at Swan Bay in 1905. They had three children, Noel Bernard, Alfred Jack and Dorothy May.nWhen Mrs. Percy died in 1940, Mr. Percy moved to Ballina, to live in retirement. Later, he married Mrs. Florence E. Reid and lived In Norton Street until his death.nMr. Percy was a staunch member of the Methodist Church and a regular attender of the services, until failing health compelled him to keep within the confines of his home. Except for a period which he was compelled to spend In hospital, he remained there, until his death.nWhile at Ballina he served several years in the capacity of circuit steward. He became well-known in Ballina, the members of the church and friends tendering him a complimentary dinner on the attainment of his 90th birthday.nMr. Percy was fond of music, especially band music. He was a member of the Coraki brass band for many years. Other musical interests were the violin, which he played for some years, and pianist with a small orchestra, in Coraki.nThe Ballina Methodist Church was well fitted for the funeral service conducted by Rev. R. Trigger, Mr. Percy’s son-in-law, Ronald R. Wotherspoon officiated at the organ.nA number of Llsmore residents attended the funeral service, among whom were representatives of the Methodist Church, "The Northern Star" and other bodies.nThe large number of floral tributes were carried bv Ballina, Lismore and Mid - RIchmond residents. Mr. Percy was buried in the Methodist portion of the Ballina cemetery.nPall-bearers at the church were Bert and Jack (sons), Brian (gra.ndson), W. Ellis and A. Felch (Ballina church officers) and R. Hammond (neigh­bour), Ron Wotherspoon replaced J. Hammond at the cemetery.

b) Eva May Everingham is mother of: Alfred Jack Percy (*?), Dorothy May Percy (*?), Bert Percy (*?) and Noel Bernard Percy (*1907)